Labor and Employment Sector

PR Lawyers has a team of highly qualified experts in labor and employment affairs, who help you solve labor and human resources issues that may arise in local and multinational businesses located in the Republic of Panama.

We provide a variety of services in this area:

  • Structuring of Human Resources and Legal Process, related to business workforce.
  • Preparation and revision of work contracts and their addendums.
  • Guidance on benefits, compensation, severance, and other concepts relating to employee benefits.
  • Disciplinary actions and corresponding penalization.
  • Preparation of internal work procedure rules
  • Advice and attention to labor consultations
  • Audits, seminars, and support in any area needed by the customer
  • Represent our customers in official administrative investigations by MITRADEL (Ministry of Labor) and the Social Security Administration of Panama.
  • Severance and benefits calculation.
  • Guidance and negotiation of collective labor agreements.
Labor and Employment Sector

PR Lawyers represent business as well as workers in judicial or extrajudicial proceedings.  We provide consultations and perform Human Resources Department audits, to optimize their procedures in this matter achieving, as a result, a correct use and application of labor standards and laws.

Our objective goes beyond a regular legal service, we provide the best reliable consultancy in such a way that the final product is a well-structured company in all aspects, i.e., legal, labor and Human Resources.   As a result, the company will have a minimum risk of claims and a proactive approach to any event that may arise.

PR LAWYERS is your best ally in providing precautionary solutions, focused on our excellent management of all the aspects that we handle in this area, creating long-term bonds.