Credit And Collections Service

At PR LAWYERS we have a highly effective team in terms of credit and collections.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes the review and implementation of effective credit and collection procedures, as well as the successful execution and recovery of delinquent credit portfolios.

It is our priority to adapt collections strategies, according to the corporate, financial and tax nature of each client, to provide timely results according to their needs, without losing sight of the commercial reality of our clients and the good name of their companies.

Our catalog of services in this area includes:

  • Advice and audit in the procedures and policies of credit and collections.
  • Legal and financial analysis of overdue and/or punished portfolios.  
  • Advice and representation of companies dedicated to collections, from the management with the selling agent of the portfolio to the execution of the collections.
  • Extrajudicial collections procedures (management of progressive letters and monitoring of collections, visits and communications by the available means).
  • Analysis of active portfolios, including efforts to regulate accounts, preserving the relationship between the client and the debtor.
  • Investigation (due diligence) of debtors and verification of their assets.
Credit And Collections Service

At PR LAWYERS we offer a wide catalog of services related to the area of credit and collections.

Our main objective is to create an exclusive and adequate recovery system for each of our clients; the achievement of safe and secure operations, which translate into a healthy collection portfolio with minimal delinquency and, if there is an affected sector, have viable alternatives to activate both judicial and extrajudicial collection procedures.